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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

William James

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Life's challenges can present themselves in many ways. Sometimes you may need help gaining life skills or connecting with resources within your community. CCSS works to assist you in acquiring these skills and connecting you with community resources. A community support worker will guide you through this process and help promote independence and recovery to enhance your overall well-being.


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Asking for help from a professional can be daunting, but it is one of the best decisions that can be made. We will help to guide you through life's tough times teaching you tools that can be used in the future.



In the couples therapy sessions, we’ll work to problem solve and change unhelpful thinking and behaviors. We will work through couples issues while learning new tools to help with communication, intimacy, and companionship.


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Learn how your family system functions, how to improve communication, and how to resolve family conflicts in an effective manner.



Have you been interested in learning about meditation and the vast benefits it can have in your life? Sign up for some of our small group meditation classes, you will leave feeling more calm, focused, and relaxed ready to continue your day!



Alesha Godino is a certified Usui reiki master practitioner. Reiki is a form of energy healing which originated in Japan. Reiki is used to help promote physical and emotional healing, and is a relaxing process for both the client and the practitioner. Reiki focuses on the seven chakras, to ensure energy is flowing at each chakra.

When you come in for a reiki healing, you will relax, and lay down fully clothed, on a massage table. Alesha will place hands over each of the 7 chakras, starting with the crown chakra (head) and ending at the feet, concentrating on each chakra for roughly 3-10 minutes, depending on how much attention is needed at each chakra. You will simply lay with your eyes closed and relax during the process. After your session, you can discuss with Alesha how many more sessions you may want or need, as well as discuss any observations which occurred during your attunement. Reiki is ideal for those looking to enhance relaxation and self care.

*disclaimer: reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment.


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Medication Management services are provided by Dr. Leah Nelson MD. Contact the front desk to inquire about an appointment.



Dr. Tracey Baca is the founder of Attune Acupuncture and Wellness. She is a Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapist, licensed in NM and CA, with over 25 years of experience in holistic healing. She has attained certifications with NCCAOM and NCBTMB and has pursued education worldwide, including Thai Massage in Thailand, and Celtic Healing and Acupuncture in England. Tracey's approach to medicine is founded on the body's innate drive toward homeostasis. She is skilled in managing pain, stress, sleep, digestion, and emotional balance, drawing from various modalities such as Acupuncture, Cupping, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Myofascial Release. Tracey has studied with renowned figures including Patricia White Buffalo, Betsy Bergstrom, Heiner Fruehauf, and Jeffrey Yuen. She has practiced in diverse settings, including Apple, Google, and The Four Seasons. Tracey applies exceptional skill, professionalism, energy, and a high standard of excellence to every treatment. In her spare time, Tracey enjoys various art projects, hiking, and spending time with her beloved dog Baxter. Visit to learn more about Dr. Baca, and Chinese Medicine. To schedule please see the website or text 505-730-0918



Billy White (Shingetsu) has been a professional musician and singer his entire life. Internationally acclaimed, having recorded and composed many styles of music and playing concerts around the world he recognized the power of sound and vibration to profoundly heal and invite the busy, anxious mind to relax into a calm state of being. 
After many years in silent retreat centers and various spiritual ceremonies, becoming an ordained Zen monk and initiate in Shamanic sound healing, he now has devoted his life to exploring and deepening the methods of using sound to access the peaceful essence that is inherent in everyone.

Billy provides the following services:

groups or individual sessions:

  • Hearing awareness and focusing  attention 

  • Finding presence through the voice and sounds 

  • Recognizing inner and outer sound

  • Breathing awareness 

  • Different approaches to meditation through sound

  • Relaxing the body posture 

  • Sound journeying for healing 

  • Alignment of energy channels

  • Learning to hear overtones and harmonics 

  • The healing potential of overtone singing, how multiple tones can be produced by one voice

  • Vowels and seeds of mantras and sacred sounds 

  • Healing Rhythms

  • Singing bowls and how to use 

  • Didgeridoo and circular breathing 

  • Tuning forks and brainwave frequencies

  • Knowing oneself/self-acceptance through sound 

  • Clearing energy and purification 

  • Humming for Vagus nerve reset

  • Sounding for pain and tension

  • Sound for anxiety and insomnia 


4201 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107


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